James wanted 121 executive coaching to support him through an upcoming promotion. We worked over two intensive sessions to ensure that he was able to articulate his message, address feedback from previous sessions and stay positive and resilient in the run-up.

Executive Coaching

"Natalie helped me to maintain confidence during the promotion process and to achieve peak performance when it mattered most.”

Paul wanted support translating and deciphering his EQ-i  psychometric report to reveal deeper insights into his leadership style and how his strengths can support his ambitions, but also to create a plan for his development areas in order that he can truly relate to his team on a deeper level.

Executive Coaching with EQ-i psychometric tool, first 100 days support

“Natalie helped me with my recent transition to partner, particularly leadership skills development and helping interpret psychometric reports. I found it challenging to condense psychometric test results and a wide range of feedback into an action plan of achievable, practical and realistic objectives. Natalie really helped with this, using her experience as a certified EQ-I psychometric practitioner, leadership coach and former big four partner.


This is her real differentiator, having been an M&A advisor to clients at the highest level before transitioning into a consultant focusing on wellbeing, women in leadership, leadership effectiveness and coaching, so she has been there and done it across different arenas. Consequently, whilst some leadership coaching can feel theoretical and rather removed from your actual job, Natalie can help you translate objectives into the real world. Very personable and down-to-earth, I would highly recommend Natalie to any senior professional looking to raise their game.”

We worked with M over a six month programme following a promotion at work. We focused on her confidence levels, how to show up in meetings, her leadership style and how to balance her EQ.

Executive Coaching, first 100 days support

“Being able to identify who I am as a leader and being comfortable with that. Feeling like you don’t conform can be a real challenge and you have helped me overcome this by focussing on strengths.

I feel more confident, I am happy saying I would like time to reflect, I am more comfortable having difficult conversations

This has been one of the best things I have done to help advance my leadership skills. I am so grateful it was part of my development plan.”

We worked with Coral over a  2 year period – pre and post her maternity leave supporting her with her role as a Director, her impending maternity leave and her return to work. We principally focused on confidence, stress management, prioritisation and boundaries.

Executive Coaching

"The focus on my strengths has enabled me to utilised my work focus which has made some of my decisions around how to spend my time and be more effective.


I can have a better ability to pick myself back up by focusing on my strengths when in a dip or crisis moment.


Our focus was on confidence development which I feel has significantly improved.


This has been a really valuable experience which has helped me to focus on what I need to do more/less of. It has enabled me to deal with direct reports more effectively. Natalie has

encouraged me to adapt my mindset and approach which has been a key turning point for me and the Strengthsfinder has enabled me to focus on what my key strengths are which in turn has helped me to consider what roles will be most suitable when I return from leave."

K reached out when she was faced with a number of challenges in her professional and personal life. Over a period of eight months we worked together to restore confidence levels, deal with challenges she faced at work, create a plan for the future and the life that she wanted.

Executive Coaching

“My coaching experience with Natalie has been invaluable from our very first meeting. I felt very safe with Natalie and was able to carefully pour of my goals and ambitions for the future and through my time spent with Natalie, I have been able to carefully lay out my goals for the future and devise a plan and the clear steps I need to take to make these goals a reality.


I really valued having someone to talk to who was in a neutral position  and could ask questions that would challenge my view on things so I could see things more objectively.

Through my coaching with Natalie, I’ve been able to identify that the only person stopping me from achieving my goals is myself which has been enlightening. 


I am pleased to say I’ve learnt a lot about myself, about the way I view challenges in my professional and personal life and through my coaching sessions with Natalie, I have been able to set these out into manageable and achievable goals.

I felt it very easy to talk to Natalie, and her gentle and proving questioning technique really helped me to question myself in a way I wouldn’t ordinarily do.


I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Natalie to anyone who is looking for a coach-the help and guidance she has provided to me has been beyond helpful and I’m extremely grateful for that.”